Eric Lasher Still Photographs

Eric H. Lasher, a Los Angeles still photographer, was enlisted in 1990 by the director Tobe Hooper, to take behind the scenes and still photographs for "I'm Dangerous Tonight" TV movie featuring Madchen Amick. A new gallery page is now available with some of his behind the scenes shots and still photographs.
Eric Lasher have been working as a photographer in the industry since 1985.

Gilmore Girls
Episode 2.14
Madchen Amick guest stars on "Gilmore Girls" as Lorelai's rival.
She played the new girlfriend of Rory's father, Christopher (David Sutcliffe), who arrives in Stars Hollow with the express purpose of bonding with Rory.  Season 2 Episode 14, "It Should Have Been Lorelai", aired past February 12.
"The Rats" Australian Releases
"The Rats" is a new thriller about a rogue colony of rats that stage a takeover of New York City. This title will be released on DVD and VHS, next 19th June 2002 by Australian Fox Home Entertainment.
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