This is the story of a young woman full of surprises. What you can see from the outside - her stunning beauty - is only the beginning. Even if you've already fallen in love with this talented actress,you will be totally captivated once you learn more about her.

MAY-CHEN AY-MICK (pronounced with the long "ä") was born in Reno, Nevada on December 12, 1970. She is half German, a quarter Norwegian, and a quarter Swedish. Her name, which can also be written as Maedchen, means "maiden" or "young woman" in German and results from the desire of her parents, Bill and Judy, to give their daughter a name more unusual than their own.
Mädchen's parents divorced when she was two and a half years old. Her mother, a medical office manager, re-married to a musician and band leader, now deceased, who Mädchen considers her real father. His love of performing would be a strong influence on Mädchen's career choices.

In examining Mädchen's early years, we come to the first surprise, at least for those who have come to think of models and actresses as nothing more than pretty faces and perfect bodies. We learn that she is also very intelligent and has a wide range of artistic abilities.
Mädchen has trained in various forms of dance: tap, ballet, jazz, and modern. She has used that talent to enliven some of her films, dancing with innocent abandon in "Sleepwalkers", and with a calculated seductiveness in "I'm Dangerous Tonight".

Inspired by her father's devotion to music, Mädchen began to study the piano at age three, and continued for twelve years. She also learned to play the bass, violin, and guitar. She is a gifted painter as well, having begun painting in oils while in school, and has sold some of her work.
And, of course, there is acting. Mädchen attributes her sucess to a natural ability to observe and mimic people. She recalls from her childhood, when her mother held parties for adult friends, always wanting to be in the room with the grown-ups, listening to their stories. Her first formal training in acting came much later, under Roberta Fluke, her drama teacher at Robert McQueen High School in Reno.