Behind the Scenes of "The Rats"

"The Rats" is a new thriller about a rogue colony of rats that stage a takeover of New York City. Fox Network has decided to cancel "The Rats" premiere, it's uncertain when the picture might hit the air. Beyond depictions of the recent terrorist attacks in United States, the networks have to be careful with any scenes of New York under siege. [more]

Gilmore Girls
Episode 2.14
Madchen Amick guest stars on "Gilmore Girls" as Lorelai's rival.
She played the new girlfriend of Rory's father, Christopher (David Sutcliffe), who arrives in Stars Hollow with the express purpose of bonding with Rory.  Season 2 Episode 14, "It Should Have Been Lorelai", aired past February 12.
Mädchen in "Lucky" pilot!
Mädchen has appeared in a new pilot for the FX Network. It is called "Lucky" and co-stars John Corbett (from Sex in the City). It is filmed in Vegas and is about recovering gambling addicts. [more]
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