April '2002

Mädchen has appeared in a new pilot for the FX Network. It is called "Lucky" and co-stars John Corbett (from Sex in the City). It is filmed in Vegas and is about recovering gambling addicts.

"Lucky" is a dark comedy that focuses on the adventures of recovering gambling addict Michael "Lucky" Linkletter. He loses everything he owns in Las Vegas and tries to rebuild his life in Sin City, all while continuing to spend time with his fellow compulsive gambler friends.
Mädchen Amick plays Lucky's love interest, Theresa, "a woman in the throes of a gambling addiction".
In addition to Las Vegas atmosphere in front of the camera, "Lucky" boasts numerous locals behind the scenes, according to executive producer Mark Cullen, who created the show and co-wrote the pilot with his brother and fellow executive producer, Robb Cullen.
Citing 'a lot of talented, well-trained people' from Las Vegas, Cullen notes that 'we're using as many local people as we can' on the 'Lucky' crew, including props, hair and makeup technicians.
The series' pilot was shot in Las Vegas in ten days. Location shooting took place at the Aladdin Hotel on January 28-29, with various other locations on the 30th and Fremont Street the focus of concluding shots on the 31st.

Produced by Castle Rock Entertainment for FX Networks. The pilot is currently in post production for a Fall 2002 premiere.

(thanks to David Lewis and Chris Lambert)

September '2001

Fox Network has decided to cancel "The Rats" premiere, it's uncertain when the picture might hit the air.

"The Colony" is now titled "The Rats", it's a new made-for-television thriller about a clan of evil rats who overtake a department store and threaten to overrun the city. Directed by John Lafia, starring Mädchen Amick and Vincent Spano.

Beyond depictions of the recent terrorist attacks in United States, the networks have to be careful with any scenes of New York under siege. Fox Network has decided to pull its TV movie "The Rats," originally scheduled for Monday, September 17th, in favor of a repeat run of "The Nutty Professor". "The Rats" takes place in Manhattan, as hundreds of rodents threaten to overtake the city; it's uncertain when the picture might hit the air.