February '2001

Twin Peaks first season by Artisan Entertainment and Fire Walk With Me by New Line... this year on DVD?

Twin Peaks: Artisan Entertainment will release Twin Peaks on DVD region 1 in the last quarter of 2001. It has been delayed to allow them time to negotiate the rights to the pilot. The first set will either be the entire series or the first season, they change their mind from week to week. Lynch has used high quality masters for the new transfers, making them the best the series has ever looked. Artisan is also planning on including promos and commercials, as well as any other material Lynch gives them. No word of a DVD release in any other regions.

Fire Walk With Me: New Line will release the region 1 DVD this year. The disc will contain:
A new enhanced 16x9 Anamorphic transfer - personally approved by David Lynch | A new 5.1 remix of the audio which was remixed at David Lynch's home studio | A new 30 minute documentary featuring some of the key players of the movie, (as well as cast members that were cut out of the movie) produced by Mark Rance also approved by David Lynch | A new graphical user interface (menu) designed by David Lynch and New Line | The original theatrical trailer | The aspect ratio for the disc is 1.85:1 (specs subject to change)

New Line is still trying to negotiate the rights to the extra scenes (including ones not found in the script), owned by a French company. Both New Line and David Lynch do not want to release the DVD without Deleted Scenes. David Lynch feels that this is to be his final "gift" to the loyal Twin Peaks Fans. New Line's current position is that they do NOT want to release the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me DVD without deleted scenes until every possible option has been explored. They are committed to making this upcoming DVD, THE definitive Fire Walk With Me DVD, and have been working very closely with David Lynch to ensure that the DVD will surpass all expectations of the fans.
New Line has this to say about the DVD: "New Line is working very closely with David Lynch to insure that his personality is represented in the DVD of Fire Walk With Me. Mr. Lynch has personally approved a new 16x9 transfer of the feature and new 5.1 remix of the audio. he has also been instrumental in setting up contact with many of the films key players who will be included in a documentary on the DVD. The deleted scene situation is unclear at this point, but we are working closely with David Lynch to ensure the DVD is packed with extras."
Fire Walk With Me is out in Germany as a region 2 PAL DVD. It includes cast and director bio, the trailer and production notes. It is not widescreen (though Fire Walk With Me was shot full frame in the first place). Also, it only contains the dubbed German soundtrack, not the original English one.