For the Very First Time
In the early 1960s, a Catholic teenage girl and a Jewish teenage boy living in the same neighbourhood become friends. Together they experience the first stirrings of their burgeoning sexuality. When the girl's parents become increasingly suspicious, they pressure her to stop spending time with him. The boy, from a liberal family, struggles to comprehend what is happening. Finally, she comes to visit him in the night, and they consummate their relationship--with distressing consequences. Not a morality tale, this film shows how religion can tear people apart.

For the Very First Time (1991)
Alternative Title: Til I Kissed Ya' (UK)
Director: Michael Zinberg
Starring: Corin Nemec / Cheryl Pollak / Mädchen Amick
Production: Lorimar Productions
Distributor: Warner Bros.
Country: US Genre: Drama / Romance

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