Fallen Angels
Fallen Angels was a crime television anthology that aired on the American network, Showtime, in the 1990's. Not all the episodes featured private eyes, or even detectives, per se, but who cares? It paired some great hard-boiled and noir short stories by some of the genre's masters (hacks like Raymond Chandler, William Campbell Gault, Dashiell Hammett and Jim Thompson) with some pretty interesting choices for directors, including Peter Bogdanovich, Tom Cruise, Phil Joanou, Jim McBride, Jonathan Kaplan, Steven Soderbergh and Tom Hanks, and some pretty spiffy casting, with folks like Gary Oldman, Laura Dern, Danny Glover, Mädchen Amick, Bonnie Bedelia and James Woods. And the writers assigned to script the adaptations weren't too shabby either: they included Howard Rodman, Scott Frank and Donald Westlake.
It was a real treat; a handsomely-mounted production, full of style, with sharp period detail, and some truly fine acting, which garnered an Emmy nomination apiece for Bonnie Bedelia and Danny Glover (his was for playing a black Philip Marlowe, no less!). There was a sultry sax warbling around in the background, and even the corny black-and-white intros to the episodes by some husky-voiced sexpot host (Fay Friendly? Sheesh!) with legs up to here could be forgiven, once the shows began.

Fallen Angels: Second Series (1993) (TV-Series)
Alternative Title: Perfect Crimes
Director: Kiefer Sutherland (on "Love & Blood" episode)
Starring: Lynette Walden / Mädchen Amick / Kiefer Sutherland
Production: Showtime Networks Inc. / Propaganda Films
Distributor: Mirage Enterprises
Country: US Genre: Drama / Film-Noir