French Exit
A screwball comedy about the impossibility of finding true romance, let alone a normal life in modern-day Los Angeles, French Exit presents us with two screenwriters whose paths cross - quite literally - on a Hollywood freeway, and soon afterward find themselves "bumping into" each other at every turn. The love/hate relationship they share soon heats up when they find themselves vying for the same screenwriting job for an all-powerful producer.
French Exit takes place against a backdrop of the L.A. we've come to know and love/hate in recent years: it's seems like there'sconstant earthquakes, brush fires, torrential rains and mudslides in the background of every shot. This running saga is just a metaphor, of course, for the havoc wreaked upon mortal souls when mixing business (Hollywood-style) with pleasure (life-style). What emerges from this delightful and modern comedy is a story that anyone who's tried to juggle the simultaneous demands of a career and a love life will relate to.

Even in Hollywood, falling in love is the luckiest break of all.

French Exit (1995)
Director: Daphna Kastner
Starring: Mädchen Amick / Jonathan Silverman / Molly Hagan
Production: Cineville Inc. / Daylight Productions
Distributor: Columbia TriStar Home Video
Country: USA Genre: Comedy / Romance

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