Central Park West
A cast of stylish young actors introduces the scheming, intrigue and deceit of the New york business world in Central Park West. Life for the staff of glossy magazine "Communique" is always glamorous and never boring. Darren Star, "the crown prince of prime time", creates yet another drama series about an elite clique of beautiful powerful people. The magazine Elle calls it "the most sophisticated soap ever to dip it's toe into prime time". This is easily accomplished with a star-studded cast like this one. Central Park West is about love, treachery and intrigue among a clique of power-hungry New Yorkers mixed with New York attitude. It's centered around the Fairchild family, a hunky, charismatic lawyer, his scheming Generation-X sister and social butterfly mother. To complete the picture, there's her second husband who publishes a slick magazine called "Communiqué".
Peter Fairchild (Barrowman) is the privileged son of a powerful New York family. His newsworthy endeavours as district attorney are often overshadowed by his love affair with tabloid journalist Alex Bartoli (Melissa Errico). Hemingway plays newly appointed editor-in-chief of "Communiqué", Stephanie Wells. She is given two immediate tasks: overhaul the magazine and fire it's difficult nightlife columnist, Carrie Fairchild (Mädchen Amick), whose mother happens to be married to Stephanie's ruthless boss, the publisher. Carrie, stylish Generation-X vixen, develops the survival instincts of the snake. She fights back by trying to seduce Stephanie's husband, Mark Merrill (Tom Verica), a handsome school teacher haunted by a scandalous "past. A SoHo art gallery owner, Niki Sherian (Michael Michele) and Fairchild family friend, often finds herself an unwitting ally in Carrie's nasty exploits, as does Rachael Dennis (Travis), a fashion editor at "Communiqué". Gil Chase (Lazard , Peter's confidante and friend, is a Wall Street "warrior" with questionable scruples.

Central Park West (1995) (TV-Series: 1995-1996)
Directors: Allan Arkush / Gwen Arner / James Frawley/ Victor Lobl / Tim Hunter / Alec Hirschfeld / Victoria Hochberg / Nancy Malone / Don Scardino / Lorraine Senna Ferrara / Timothy Van Patten
Starring: Mädchen Amick / John Barrowman / Noelle Beck
Production: CBS Entertainment Production
Distributor: CBS Entertainment Production
Country: USA Genre: Drama