The Courtyard
Loving your neighbor can be murder...
For a recently transplanted NewYorker, California apartment living can be murder in this psychological suspence thriller. Architect Jonathan Hoffman (Andrew McCarthy) moves from New York to a deluxe apartment in the quintessential California courtyard complex. But slowly, Jonathan's personal place of paradise gives way to close encounters with sinister neighbors and horrible noises in the middle of the night. One of his neighbors is murdered by mistake... Jonathan was the intended victim.
When the neighbor was found stabbed to death in the complex Hoffman lives in, he sets out to solve the murder. His life slowly goes to hell as he becomes a suspect of the murder while the real killer seems to be watching his every move. Our fearless architect turns to his mysterious neighbor (Madchen Amick) to become his partner in crime-solving as well as lovemaking.

The Courtyard (1995)
Director: Fred Walton
Starring: Andrew McCarthy / Mädchen Amick / Cheech Marin
Production: All Media Inc.
Distributor: Republic Pictures
Country: USA Genre: Action / Thriller