A hunter never leaves his prey wounded...
Julie Clayton (Mädchen Amick) and Don Powell are game wardens in a remote area of the Rocky Mountains. Deeply in love, they have carved out a comfortable niche for themselves in the peaceful surroundings. But their quiet world is suddenly shattered one day when a poacher, Hanaghan, kills Don and wounds Julie, leaving her for dead. It is only the beginning of her nightmare. Julie recovers from her shots and Hanaghan, who knows she can identify him, begins to torment her with phone calls, threatening to hunt her down. When Rollins, a cop who tries to protect Julie, is himself killed, Julie realizes she has nothing left to lose and sets out to track down Hanaghan herself. A battle of raw skill and determination ensues between Julie and Hanaghan–and only the most ruthless hunter survives
. Mädchen Amick in her best performance.

She was a woman devasted by loss,
frightened for her life,
and hungry for revenge.

Wounded (1997)
Director: Richard Martin
Starring: Mädchen Amick / Graham Greene / Adrian Pasdar
Production: Wounded Pictures / Republic Pictures
Distributor: Malofilm / Keystone Entertainment
Country: Canada Genre: Action / Thriller