...an updated version of the vampire myth!
Ultraviolet is based on a British miniseries of the same name (available on dvd). It follow the story of two New York police partners, as one becomes a vampire and the other joins the Centre for Disease Control.
In Ultraviolet, human bloodsuckers are known as Leeches, and they are a public health problem. The government begins hunting down the Leeches under the auspices of the Centers for Disease Control. In the series, the Leeches often are portrayed more as a persecuted minority than an evil gang of blood-draining bat hybrids. In keeping with this more nuanced view of vampires, the British series eschewed the use of chiaroscuro lighting and close-ups of glistening fangs, and instead adopted a low-key, reality-based style and tone.

Ultraviolet (2000) (TV-Pilot: unreleased)
Director: Chip Johannessen / Howard Gordon
Starring: Mädchen Amick / Eric Thal / Joanna Going / Idris Elba
Production: Twentieth Century Fox
Country: USA Genre: Thriller