Face to Face
Three very Italian cousins witness their fathers' cry for the first time at their grandfather's funeral. They don't want to end up not knowing these men that have ruled their lives with uncommunicative Guido-authority, so they devise a scheme to get to know them. Of course they have to kidnap their dads to get them to go away for a guy's weekend. Richie (Scott Baio), Philly (Thomas Calabro), and Al (Carlo Imperato) are the cousins who don't necessarily agree on the means to an end but sign on to get some answers. Dean Stockwell is the family patriarch who picks on his brothers, Phil (Alex Rocco) and Charlie (Joe Viterelli) as well as his son Richie. They don't get what they bargained for on the trip but what an adventure it is.

Is it a crime when you kidnap your dad?

Face to Face (2001)
Director: Ellie Kanner
Starring: Dean Stockwell / Alex Rocco / Madchen Amick
Production: Baio/White Productions
Distributor: Giants Entertainment
Country: US Genre: Drama / Comedy