January '2001

The US version of Joe Aheame's Ultraviolet vampire series will be quite different to the stylish, dark brit show. This version is intended to be more "soap opera" according to producer Howard Gordon.

The one-hour series "Ultraviolet" pilot is a compelling and visually arresting blend of science fiction and drama from the former producers of "The X-Files", "Beverly Hills 90210" and "My So-Called Life". New York City Police Lieutenant John Cahill (Eric Thal) stumbles upon a world he never knew existed when his best friend and partner, Viggo Bartoli (Spence Decker), back from a two-year undercover assignment, disappears on the morning of his wedding to his fiancee Nealy Jessup (Mädchen Amick). Viggo's disappearance only proves more bizarre when federal evidence on the very case Viggo handed to the police vanishes. As the NYPD builds a compelling case against him, John's search for his partner uncovers a shocking, sexy and provocative world of vampires living among us. There, an underground war is being fought between the "leeches" and a government agency led by Dr. Lise Matthews (Joanna Going) and Vaughn Sheppard (Idris Elba), whose mission is to destroy them. While John attempts to clear his partner's name, he discovers that the "leeches" have seduced Viggo into fighting for their survival and may even have turned him into one of them.

Ultraviolet is based on a British miniseries of the same name, available now on region 2 double DVD pack, find it here.

December '2000

Madchen Amick is to star in the low-budget independent movie Scenes of the Crime alongside the actors Jeff Bridges and Jon Abrahams.

The $10million movie "Scenes of the Crime", was written and directed by newcomer writer-director Dominique Forma, follows a young man about to get married who makes extra cash as a driver for a local mobster. But when the mafia guy is shot and killed by a rival boss (Jeff Bridges), the young man gets stuck in the middle of the mayhem.
Produced by Marc Frydman ("Murder in the First"), Deborah Lee ("Great Expectations") and Rod Lurie ("The Contender"), for Battleground Productions. Bridges, Lurie and Frydman worked together on DreamWorks' feature "The Contender," which Bridges starred in, Lurie directed and Frydman produced.

November '2000

Lou Diamond Phillips plays a deadly game of Hangman.

Phillips acts opposite Mädchen Amick in "Hangman", an independent psychological thriller about a woman (Madchen Amick) targeted by a serial killer who murders after playing Hangman on the Net. Phillips is the detective assigned to crack the case. The filming locations are Toronto and Ontario on Canada. Ken Girotti will direct the film, which is budgeted at $4 million, Girotti is known by his work on some TV episodes of "Stargate SG-1", "Nikita", "Poltergeist: The Legacy" or "Xena: Warrior Princess". The film is based on a script by Vladimir Nemirovsky, produced by Oasis Pictures and Destination Films.