July '2001

Welcome to Twin Peaks, an idyllic part of small-town America...

...one year later. A picture postcard setting, but hiding beneath the surface of this tranquil town lies an evil force. One that is preying on the town's most popular and beautiful student. Her name is Laura Palmer.

"Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me"
(Region 2 DVD) > Second Sight have announced a number of discs for 17th September, including "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me", the feature-length prequel to the TV cult phenomenon. David Lynch reunites the cast of the groundbreaking series to reveal the chilling truth behind Laura's final days, with Kyle MacLachlan, Sheryl Lee, Ray Wise, Mädchen Amick, Dana Ashbrook and Miguel Ferrer, who are joined by Kiefer Sutherland, Chris Isaak, Harry Dean Stanton and David Bowie. This comes with an anamorphic transfer and Dolby Surround soundtrack. Available soon at BlackStar.

"Twin Peaks: Pilot" (Region 0 DVD) > It seems like the "Twin Peaks: Pilot" is already available on DVD from Hong Kong. A company called Catalyst Logic has put out a limited release of the "Twin Peaks: Pilot" as part of their "Silver Screen" series. This disc has a surprisingly crisp and clean picture, on the original 4:3 aspect ratio, the audio has received a full aggressive Dolby Digital 5.1 remix, with the original English language with optional Chinese subtitles and interactive menu. Buy this title now at eBay!

May '2001

Vincent Spano and Mädchen Amick to star in "The Colony" on Fox. Production on two-hour event feature begins this month in Toronto

Fox TV Pictures has started production on "The Colony", a two-hour telepic for Fox Broadcasting Co. about a clan of evil rats, from producers Robert Cort and David Madden ("Save the Last Dance") with Mädchen Amick and Vincent Spano. In the thriller, a colony of verminous creatures overtakes a Manhattan department store and threatens to overrun the city. " 'The Colony' will be a great ride, but at the same time, it will be truly terrifying as it taps into all of our most primal fears", said Marci Pool, exec VP of movies and minis for Fox.
The film features extensive computer-generated imaging (CGI) and animatronics. FOX and Fox TV Pictures -- the original made-for-TV movies and mini-series unit within Fox Television Studios -- will utilize state-of-the-art digital production to complement the more than 400 live rats (orchestrated by the world's pre-eminent "rat wrangler", Brian Gibbs) that make up the vast majority of "
The Colony" cast.
John Lafia ("Child's Play II", "Man's Best Friend") directs, Robert Cort and David Madden (the current box office hit "Save the Last Dance") produce and Frank Deasy ("Prozac Nation", "Captives") and Tommy Lee Wallace ("Halloween", "Vampires II") are the writers.

April '2001

Hangman on DVD, a tense psychological thriller that proves, when you can't breathe, you can't scream!

Columbia TriStar will release "Hangman" DVD Region 1 on May 15. A psychotic serial killer taunts police with a lethal game of HANGMAN. The stakes: a human life. With each new videotaped murder, the killer makes detective Nick Roos (Lou Diamond Phillips) an eyewitness and unwitting accomplice to the grisly crimes. With time running out, Roos joins forces with Dr. Grace Mitchell (Mädchen Amick), a sexy psychiatrist who can help him solve the case but who may become the killer's next victim. Solving the puzzles leads Roos and Mitchell on a shocking trail of lust, greed and suspense. It's a terrifying game, where every move could be their last. Suspense that will leave you hanging. You Play, You Lose, You Die!
This one seems to be a better DVD release for Madchen Amick fans than th
e others already available, the sound is Dolby Digital 5.1, the picture is 1.85:1 Widescreen enhanced for 16x9, but as usual not a sign of behind the scenes material.